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About Robots
I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.
Ambassador in Window Menu
Adds a Window Menu item for Ambassador
Autoplay Toggle (Non-Restartless)
Adds a toolbar button to toggle autoplay on and off.
Autoplay Whitelist
Allow only whitelisted domains to autoplay media.
Back to Top
Go to the top (or bottom, right, left) of a page.
Find dialog
Replaces the find toolbar with the old Mozilla-/Netscape-style find dialog. Forked from the 'Retro Find' extension for Firefox 3.
Forecast & Weather on the Side
Use toolbar button to view current weather & forecast in a tab or in the sidebar.
NowWeather [External]
Current weather provided by the National Digital Forecast Database.
Open With Edge, IE, Chrome, and More
View links, pages, and bookmarks in Edge, IE, Chrome, and other browsers. To open external browsers in incognito/private browsing mode (IE, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, and a few…
Palefill [External]
Inject Polyfills for various web technologies into pages requiring them.
Pang [External]
Display the response time (ping) of the current webpage.
Paste Email (original)
Paste email addresses and more.
Paste Email Plus
Paste email addresses and more into any textbox.
The ultimate Vi-style browsing extension
Periodic Table of XUL Elements
A collection of XUL demos.
RSS Reader, Reading List, Quick Search and Tab organizer.
Space Advance
Press the space bar at the end of a page to advance to the next page (à la Opera). Based on the Firefox extension "Space Next" by cK-LFC.
Toggle Autoplay [Enabled/Disabled]
Use toolbar toggle button to enable/disable media autoplay. [Enabled = green icon. Disabled = red icon.]
View Image (Filename)
This extension appends the filename to the "View Image" context menu item, a feature that was present in Netscape and early versions of Mozilla.
Website Navigation Bar
Restores the Website Navigation Bar from SeaMonkey for UXP
Kiss the annoying "Video paused. Continue watching?" and "Get the best YouTube experience sign in nag screen" confirmation goodbye!

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